Renewable energy is our future

The photovoltaic system uses the ability of certain materials to convert light directly into electricity. The German solar industry has a worldwide leadership position and bring innovations to market. The PV has become a standard technology, but several factors are responsible for the cost of a system crucial and according to test.

We advise our clients on all aspects of an optimal cost-benefit ratio: Starting with the assessment of local circumstances, inclination, orientation and size of the roof, size of available free space, soil, solar radiation, about the possibility of technical realization, the valuation of certain technical systems and manufacturer, any building permits to qualified system integrators. We also assume for the purpose of addressing the utility grid connection, we inform you of the actual facts on the EEG feed-in tariff, and not least about your individual funding opportunities.

The dimensions you specify: solar park, industrial plant, community of interest, community projects or household. We are happy to support you with our expertise and system integrators Solateure in the form of recommendations or opinions.

We reserve the rapid technological development in the field of renewable energy in mind, such as in terms of materials, energy efficiency and storage. We want to continue to offer useful additions and resource-efficient Energiellösungen.

How to find soon at our green products such as

ErEne Elektromobilitaet Bike C2     Electric mobility
ErEne LED 01
   LED-lighting technology

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