Private Houses – selected references

Here you can see a small selection of solar systems on private houses, we built. On request, we would be pleased to present further credentials and arrange personal contact with the giver of the reference.


Referenzen Neuss SunnyCall FB280W 840x490Px

Solar system 5.6 kWp with solar modules SUNNY CALL SCM-FB-280 Watt in Neuss, Germany

Referenzen Bergheim 9 9kW SunnyCall300WMono 840x490Px

Solar system 9.9 kWp with solar modules SUNNY CALL SCM-300 Watt in Bergheim, Germany

Referenzen Pulheim 8kWp10kWp6kWp 840x490Px

Solar systems 8 kWp, 10 kWp and 6 kWp with solar modules Amerisolar AS-6P30 250 Watt in Pulheim, Germany